S Cawaii! Men Special Issue Ateez Black Cover

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                              • - 1 Magazine 100% Ateez ( 82 Pages )

                              • ATEEZ, a Korean 8-member boy group, appears on the cover of a Japanese magazine for the first time! A whole issue of the magazine is dedicated to ATEEZ. ALL new shots and interviews! / There are 3 versions of the cover ("WHITE ver.", "BLACK ver." and "RED ver.") / "Pinup style gravure", "Group interview" and "Autographed cheki present" are also 3 versions. (Other than that, all three versions are the same.) / Three patterns of costumes, hair and makeup. In addition to the beautiful visuals, there is a fun page where the members take pictures of each other with a film camera. A voluminous interview of about 50,000 words! (The content of the interview is the same for all three versions)

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                          S Cawaii! Men Special Issue Ateez
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